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I'm Idan Shani and this is what I do.

Idan Shani

So you’ve had a glimpse of some of the projects I've done and loved doing.

But that’s not all. I'm a Multidisciplinary Visual Designer, designing anything visual.


From games, animations, UI choreography ,digital dashboards...

To logos, presentations, infographics, custom made icons, and any visual challenge a client will bring, I never limit myself.


The core principles of all these visual products are simply Clear Visual Communication and Aesthetics. That's it. All visuals should be self - explanatory and pleasant to the human eye.


Why work with me?

Because I truly listen to client's needs, I advance the client’s projects as an integral part of the team, and I’m truly committed to the quality of my deliveries.


I am always happy and excited to use my talents for delivering professional, innovative results.


I'm a family man, a yoga enthusiast and a Jedi Knight ;-).


For extra details Download my CV


Idan Shani
54 Mazeh st. Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL
mobile: +972-52-2490461

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